Announcement on Listing and Removing Coins in KKEX

【Coin-listing statement】

For protecting the investors’ interests, KKEX will evaluate the coins, all listing coins need to meet the following conditions, including but not limited to:

SMARTChain asset rating requirements:
Investment potential has 60 points or more, the investment risk has 35 points or less;
Powerful and knowledgeable team and community-driven maintenance;
There are practical technical support or practical application of the project;
No policy risks and meet the professional and regulatory requirements;
Real-time disclosure of project information includes project whitepaper, regular development, and progress reports;
Unique requirements for listing the coin in the exchange.

Listing Application Form:

【Coin-removing statement】

For protecting the investors’ interests, KKEX remains its absolute discretion of removing or keeping listing this coin, if the team triggers the following conditions, we will inform to remove this coin, including but not limited to:

The team dissolved;
The team is facing serious legal issues;
Due to strategic adjustment and development needs, the project operation team volunteered to remove the coin from the exchange;
Serious technical or safety issues have not been resolved in time;
In the 30 consecutive days, the daily turnover is less than 100,000 $;
Zero transactions for five consecutive trading days;
Information disclosure showed a significant deviation;
To create a forked coin without any early information;
Other unique non-completing trading requirements.

KKEX will announce the coin-removing decision 5 days in advance, and the users will be able to transfer and exchange normally their assets within 30 days.

Please read the above statement carefully then fill in the <KKEX Listing Application Form>, after receiving your application form, we consider that you hereby agree to this statement.

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