Announcement on Delisting Some Related Trading Pairs1.9

【Announcement on Delisting Some  Related Trading Pairs1.9】

On Jan. 10, 2019, KKEX will delist the following trading pairs, 
Meanwhile, also disenables the following token deposits:

Reason for delisting 「Announcement on Listing and Removing Coins in KKEX」

Please withdraw the delisted MEET.ONE,  ADD, ATD, EOSDAC, IQ, LBTC, BTG, SBTC, BCD, and MBYTE  from KKEX as soon as possible, KKEX will disenable these token withdrawal feature on Mar. 31, 2019.

KKEX Risk Warning:
The price of blockchain assets may be subject to violent fluctuations. Before investing, you are expected to fully understand digital assets, rationally judge investment ability, and make investment decisions prudently. Determine whether or not to participate based on your risk tolerance.

Jan. 09, 2019


Update notice:

EOP has not launched its mainnet.KEOS has not been maintained by the project team after its mainnet launch, and does not support onchain transfer.Thus, the two cryptos are both unshelved.

Mar. 13, 2019

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